April 6

A resident of Kurgan tried to hack the site of the government of Yaroslavl Oblast (region) for bitcoins mining

April 6

Security officers of the government of the region discovered over 114 thousand attempts to find a password and applied to the Federal Security Service (FSB).

The 21-year-old resident of Kurgan intended to use the computer facilities of Yaroslavl Oblast government for the cryptocurrency mining.

«The resident of Kurgan decided to select a password for hacking the official governmental website by a virus program because bitcoins mining requires a powerful equipment that consumes a large amount of electricity», − the press service of the Department of the FSB in Kurgan Oblast told to

The hacker was quickly discovered and arrested. He was prosecuted under article 273 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation «Creation, use and distribution of malicious software». If the court finds him guilty a young man can go to prison for up to four years.

Yakovlev Denis
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