April 6

The Monero network hosted a hard fork that was called successful by the developers

April 6

The main reason for another XMR hard fork is to make Monero mining unavailable by ASIC-miners.

The hard fork that was called «the network update» by the developers occurred on the block 1546000 on the afternoon April 6.

«The planned update of the network was successful!», − the developers have already reported on the official twitter account.

It is not the first update of XMR. But it differs from previous ones because its main purpose is to exclude the possibility of Monero mining by ASIC-miners.

Traditionally the Monero developers’ community has the opinion that XMR mining should only be possible with the help of CPUs or graphics cards. Bravenewcoin media notes that the use of ASIC devices leads to an increase in the complexity of the network because the total hashing of mining deviсes increases exponentially with the emergence of ASIC, and to the centralization of the network that makes it potentially less secure.

Bravenewcoin notes with irony that after the ASIC was updated the devices intended for Monero mining have turned into «expensive paperweights» for their owners..

According to CoinNarketCap, the cost of Monero is 166 dollars now. The total capitalization of XMR is more than 2.6 billion dollars.

In spite of the fact that the developers warned that after the update there wouldn’t be other altcoins, Monero Original, for example, already is on the Web. The twitter account of the Monero team emphasizes that it does not have any relation to the tokens that had appeared. Nevertheless there is already the possibility of mining the Monero Original on some mining pools, for example

Yakovlev Denis
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