TRON: the Independence Day will end by the festive fireworks of burnt tokens

June 25

​​​​​​​June 22 the process of «moving» the TRON tokens on its own blockchain launched on May 31 began. What to expect the TRX holders after the end of migration, where it possible to exchange tokens for the new ones and what are the plans of the developers for the future?

Only a few hours remain until the end of the migration of the TRON tokens from the Ethereum blockchain into its own network (it will be activated after the election of the block producers). According to the optimistic estimates, it will happen within one day but do not forget about the experience of EOS that also recently moved to MaiNet and whose activation lasted almost a week.

It is expected that the final point in this process will be set on June 26 when the possibility of the withdrawing funds from exchanges will be unfrozen and now the founder of Tron Justin Sun states on his tweeter:

«Our team makes effort to ensure uninterrupted migration and network security».

The «Independence Day» of TRON will end by the festive and very expensive fireworks. The TRON Foundation promises to burn 1 billion coins ($43 000 at the current exchange rate) in honor of the new stage of the network's life and even published a diagram of how exactly it will happen:

It is expected that this action will raise the value of the TRX coin and stimulate investors.

Now the users of the TRON network can only wait or hastily transfer their old tokens to the exchanges that support migration and have not yet closed the possibility of depositing. At the moment Binance confirms such possibility. It will continue to accept the old tokens for exchange even after deadline. The TRON migration was supported by 53 exchanges where it will be possible to exchange old tokens for the new ones in a 1:1 ratio after the «correct» snapshot of the new network will be made and the tokens will be transferred to new TRON wallets. Below we publish their full list:

  1. Bi
  2. Bibox
  4. Binance
  5. Bitbns
  6. Bitfinex
  7. Bitflip
  8. Bitforex
  9. Bithumb
  10. BITKOP
  11. BitoEX
  12. Bitpie
  13. Bittrex
  14. Bit-Z
  15. Bixin
  16. BJEX
  17. CEO
  19. Cobo
  20. CoinBene
  21. CoinEgg
  22. CoinEx
  23. Coinnest
  24. Coinoah
  25. CoinTiger
  26. Cryptopia
  27. DragonEX
  29. HitBTC
  30. HPX
  31. Huobi
  32. IDAX
  33. IDCM.IO
  34. Indodax
  35. Koinex
  36. Lbank
  37. Liqui
  38. Livecoin
  39. lomostar
  40. Maincoin
  41. Max Exchange
  42. Mercatox
  43. OEX
  44. OkCoin-kr
  45. OKEx
  46. OTCBTC
  47. Rfinex
  49. sistemkoin
  51. Tokenomy
  52. Upbit
  53. Zebpay

It should be noted that after completing the migration of the tokens TRX would no longer be compatible with ERC20 so they can’t be moved to the Ethereum wallet. It will be possible to store TRX on exchanges or move them to the special TRON20 wallet.

The process of the «"migration» can be watched live:

The first token has already been launched on the new blockchain. SEED became the first coin of the Sesameseed cryptocurrency project.

The plans of the TRON Foundation developers already go further. Just a few hours before the official launch of the genesis block in MainNet the video was posted on the official Twitter account of the project that details the features of the «Tronics University» Blockchain University that will be opened in autumn this year. According to the preliminary data, the fund and its founder Justin Sun allocated about $2 billion in TRX for this project.

Unlike the traditional model of education that requires more and more expenses for its implementation over the years, TRON is going to set the standard for studying in MainNet attracting students bu «micropayments» based on TRX introducing a fee for studying and performing tasks in real time. The company can also offer additional TRX rewards, for example, the payments for the achievement of a certain level of skill in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The ambitious plans of decentralized education with the system of rewarding users for studying at this university still give more questions than answers. But do not forget that the global appeal of digital education on the Internet is still an unprocessed resource and the TRON initiative can create a precedent for the further development of this idea.

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Алексей Захарчук
last year
Сожжение монет - довольно экстравагантный способ борьбы с их удешевлением. Но главное, понятно, что создана новая блокчейн-платформа и TRON сейчас пытаются выжать максимальные информационные пиар-дивиденды из этого события.
Артем Артемов
last year
Это очень позитивные перемены для TRON свой блокчейн всегда преимущество. Я думаю при запуске они учтут косяки конкурентов и благополучно все сделают .


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