June 23

The Yandex.Taxi autonomous car traveled from Moscow to Kazan

June 23

​​​​​​​The Russian transnational company successfully tested the self-driving car at a long distance.

The Yandex.Taxi autonomous car overcame the first long distance − from Moscow to Kazan. It was reported by the press service of Yandex.

The length of the distance is 800 km, the journey time is 11 hours. The car was traveling at an average speed of 73 km/h and 99% of the time it drove without the help of the driver.

It was the driver behind the wheel to control the situation. As the test showed, the help was almost unnecessary to the car.

It was previously reported that the self-driving car has trouble navigating in winter. It is harder to the car to scan the road due to snow − the abundance of white color complicates the recognition of objects.

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