June 7

The world's largest bitcoin mining center will be built in the US

June 7

​​​​​​​The production capacity of the new center will be 435 MW.

The American Coinmint Company is going to spend $700 million to create the world's largest mining center. The bitcoin mining facility will be deployed in the abandoned Alcoa East Facility aluminum factory in New York State near the border with Canada.

The production capacity of the new center will be 435 MW. The technical director of Coinmint Prieur Leary explained that these needs would be covered by nearby hydroelectric power stations and wind generators that would provide the necessary amount of cheap electricity. In addition, thanks to the temperate climate of the New York State, the company will be able to significantly reduce the cost of cooling equipment.

Despite the fall of the bitcoin rate, Leary is confident that the mining will be profitable until «bitcoin network exists».

It is expected that the launch of the mining center will create 150 new jobs within the next 18 months. The aluminum factory closed 4 years ago and the authorities of the nearby town of Massena welcome such an activity from Coinmint.

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