The producers of EOS blocks blocked 7 accounts breaking the rules of the network

June 21

​​​​​​​This solution can have far-reaching consequences for the entire cryptoindustry.

The group of 21 EOS block manufacturers made a unanimous decision to block seven accounts suspected of storing the stolen cryptocurrency. The frost was made according to the EOS911 protocol that allows restoring funds in emergency situations, for example, in case of theft.

EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) that deals with controversial situations between users had to decide on the blocking. But ECAF refused to freeze the accounts citing the provision according to which its actions are determined by the «Constitution» − an internal set of the rules not yet approved by the EOS community.

The responsibility for blocking alleged intruders was assumed by the block manufacturers who had disabled the suspicious accounts less than a day before the stolen coins were to become available for sale.

As The Next Web reports, such a move aroused a sharp criticism from the community members and experts. In their opinion, the actions of the producers violate the principles of decentralization and the immutability of blockchain.

One of the creators of the Bitcoin NG protocol Emin Gun Sierer says that if the EOS transactions are «subjected to arbitration» on the basis of the document «with no legal effect», such transactions are not final and producers can independently change the status of tokens.

A number of users of social networks agreed with him that the decision to block accounts on the EOS network could have far-reaching consequences for the entire cryptoindustry.

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