June 22

The Leaders of the Blockchain Sphere Will Discuss the Crypto Community in Hong Kong

June 22

On September 9-10th in Hong Kong, Iskander Events will host the «Unblock Community» conference. This event is aimed to cover the topics connected with the value of communities for the blockchain industry. Speakers will also discuss how the blockchain changes the meaning of community and its role in business.

The first day of the «Unblock Community» will be focused on the concept of community; what it is, how tokens can support and motivate the community, what the communities’ role in the crypto industry is, how the community can be estimated, etc. For this part, we will bring in the best experts from universities, funds, research laboratories, and some top projects with community actively involved in product development or token support. One of the key speakers of the day will be Richard Millington from Feverbee, who consulted on community building for such companies as Google, Oracle, Amazon.

The second day is dedicated to more practical questions connected with community management. The discussion is centered around the instruments, strategies, and communication channels during all project stages: development, pre-sale, ITO, post-ITO. Top consulting agencies, the founders of projects who have passed all four stages, exchanges, and funds will be covered in this part.

One of the core speakers for the first conference organized by Iskander Events in May were:

  • Mario Laul, a researcher for Placeholder – a venture capital firm focused on decentralized information networks;
  • Henry Liu – Yeomans Capital, Ex-Facebook;
  • Hogi Hyun – Founder, Abacus Capital,
  • Michelle Cha – Korbit etc.

Iskander Events is an event agency that builds a community of researchers and developers who are involved in the current blockchain industry. Once every three months, they host a conference focused on one of the aspects of the blockchain industry. The event «Tokenomics» in May, in Tallinn, focused on market tokenization and the regulatory aspect of the current crypto field. The event in Hong Kong will be the second Iskander Events conference.

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