The largest Russian banks want to test products based on cryptocurrencies

June 15

​​​​​​​The interest of banks is related to the demand of the large private investors.

Sberbank and Alfa-Bank are planning to test several products of private banking based on digital financial assets, the «Kommersant» newspaper writes. Box solutions will be tested in the so-called «regulatory sandbox» of the Central Bank.

«We want to offer our clients a completely transparent option of the entrance to digital assets that fully meets the regulatory requirements and will allow them to invest in an interesting product in Russia», − the deputy head of Sberbank Private Anna Ivanchuk said. Alfa-Bank believes that digital financial assets will sooner or later become a part of the economy and it is unacceptable to ignore it. According to the representative of Alfa Bank Anton Rakhmanov, it is necessary «to speed up the adoption of the decision to recognize the CFA as the investment assets and to introduce them into the legal field as quickly as possible».

The managing Partner of AddCapital Alexei Prokofiev told Kommersant that it was planned to test two box solutions (Perceptron R and RQ) that are the exchange algorithms self-adapting depending on the situation on the market. The algorithms operate on the basis of an investment portfolio of the six most reliable cryptocurrencies accounting for 75% of the capitalization of all digital assets in the world. The list of currencies will be reviewed once a quarter.

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