The Internet is flooded with crypto-totalizers because of the World Cup 2018

June 27

​​​​​​​The websites offer cryptocurrency users to earn on winning of their favorite team but it is early to rejoice − so long as their safety leaves much to be desired.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup became a comprehensive phenomenon that penetrated all spheres. We have already written about how football and cryptocurrencies are related but the reality has gone further giving rise to new demand and proposals. Recently a lot of websites-totalizers offering fans to earn predicting the outcome of the match or the entire tournament appeared on the Internet.  And, as «Kommersant» writes, some of them are united by one rule – the bets are accepted only in digital currency.

The credibility of bookmakers is traditionally lower than of cryptocurrencies and users are rather wary of such proposals − however, there are not so many of them on the market so far. But the field for speculations is huge − the different odds to win are given in different offices but even if the rate turned out to be successful and won, due to the jumps in the rates it may have depreciated by that time.

The feature of such platforms is that the users bet against each other and not against the office. The fund that then is played out among the winners is formed of these bats. If the source is unpopular, the chances of winning more than 0.0005 bitcoins ($3) are rather small because no one risks betting more. In addition, the platforms take their commission for the transactions – it is supposedly the only way to monetize such scheme.

Even the founders of crypto-totalizers acknowledge that most of the projects are poorly argued for the community and are not successful. Even the use of blockchain is not quite obvious although the technology of smart contracts is a guarantor of payments. To avoid frauds, the experts recommend paying attention to the public information on the website: is the organizer and its organizational and legal form are designated, where the office is registered − it is also relevant in the context of the laws by what you will have to sue in case of fraud. Do not trust suspiciously large coefficients in conjunction with the promises of «guaranteed payments». And do not forget about cybersecurity − some websites are tempted to steal passwords from cryptowallets that are attached to accounts.

The editorial advises not to lose vigilance and choose safer ways to earn

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