The hackers earned $800 thousand on illegal Siacoin mining

June 20

​​​​​​​The attackers hacked more than 100 000 computers in 30 Chinese cities.

The police of the city of Ruian (Zhejiang Province, China) arrested 16 people suspected of organizing illegal mining. According to the investigators, last year the detainees hacked more than 100 000 computers in 30 Chinese cities.

The attack was organized very simply: the attackers colluded with the employees of PC maintenance companies who distributed the malicious program in many Internet cafes throughout the country. Getting on the computer the Trojan used its computing resources for mining the Siacoin cryptocurrency.

The problems by the cybercriminals appeared in July 2017 when the employees of one of the Internet cafes in Ruian noticed that all their PCs began to work very slowly. Often the productivity dropped by 70% and even the reboot did not help. The owners of the cafe noticed the increased bills for utilities.

Suspected of something wrong the management of the Internet cafe asked the police for help. The law enforcement agencies found that the similar problems existed in other cafes and all of them were serviced by the same company. Its executive director was detained in August. During the interrogations the man disclosed the information about the collusion with hackers.

According to the police, for a short time the hackers managed to mine Siacoin for a total of about 5 million yuan ($800 000).

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