February 5

The electricity bills helped to detect the Russian who decided to mine in the tram depot

February 5

The illegal business of the tenant has put «Angarsk tram» on the verge of bankruptcy.

A resident of the Siberian city of Angarsk has rented a room in the municipal enterprise «Angarsk tram» for 2.3 thousand rubles. It is about five times cheaper than the average price for renting an office in the city. When hiring a room he told the owners of the depot that he was going to mark out the computer equipment there. He did not lie but did not say that he meant a mining farm that should have to cover his rent expenses and provide a comfortable existence to him. But something went wrong.

«The man said that he will place computer equipment. And the mining farm is the computer technology. At the conclusion of the lease we removed the testimony of the counters and it was stipulated that it is paid by the businessman separately», − the employee of the administration of the Angarsk urban district explained to the «Komsomolskaya Pravda in Irkutsk» media.

The business of cryptocurrency mining soon drove the company into big debts for electricity bills. But because of the illegal and hidden nature of the farm for some time it managed to function unnoticed. It was found out by the controller from «Irkutskenergosbyt» who was interested in what a department consumes so much electricity on the territory of the state enterprise.

The depot director Victor Zagerson could not answer this question but after hearing about the amount of the debt to power engineers that was approaching 50 million rubles he was able to quickly identify the offender. The administration told that as soon as the situation had been sorted out the equipment of the miner had been disconnected. As a result the man hurriedly «canceled the lease and took out all the equipment».

It is unknown who will pay the bills. The business of an enterprising Siberian put the «Angarsk tram» on the verge of bankruptcy but most likely it brought a lot of money to him. Now the miner will have to spend money on the courts and in case of an appropriate decision to pay the company for all the electricity consumed. It is not known whether the responsibility for the total debt of the depot will be tried on him. But bitcoin meanwhile does not become more expensive

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