The drug dealer was tracked by bitcoin-transactions

June 17

​​​​​​​To calculate the drug seller helped the fact that he had sent the proceeds to his bitcoin-address without using the mechanisms of transactions anonymization.

The 36-year-old French citizen Gal Vallerius pleaded guilty to selling drugs in DarkNet. It is reported by the Bleeping Computer portal. Vallerius was arrested by the US authorities last September at the Atlanta airport when he was traveling to Austin, Texas to participate in the World Beard and Mustache Championship.

According to the court documents, the US authorities were able to find out that Vallerius had hidden under the pseudonym of the seller of narcotic substances OxyMonster and monitored him after having discovered one of his bitcoin-wallets. According to the indictment, Vallerius created his own system of receiving «tips» on the Dream Market DarkNet-platform that allows buyers to pay for his services. Unlike most sellers on the Dream Market he did not use the internal payment system of the platform that passes transactions through the anonymization mechanism but sent the proceeds to his bitcoin-address immediately.

It gave a clue to the investigators as to who might be hiding under the pseudonym OxyMonster. The suspicions were strengthened after the comparative analysis of the author's styles of OxyMonster on the Dream Market and Vallerius on his social networks accounts was made and it pointed out that they were the same person.

After the arrest of Vallerius last autumn, the laptop was confiscated from him and it also showed the evidences linking Vallerius to his pseudonym.

After nine months in custody Vallerius pleaded guilty to the distribution of banned substances and the conspiracy to launder money. This recognition will allow him to avoid life imprisonment but in any way he faces about 20 years in prison.

This case is another confirmation of the fact that bitcoin is not so anonymous currency as many believed before.

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