The Cyberpolice of the Ukraine disclosed the network of fraudulent cryptoexchangers

June 17

​​​​​​​After receiving the money the swindlers closed the exchanger and then opened a new one.

According to the portal, the Cyberpolice of the Ukraine managed to disclose the organized criminal group that has created the network of fake online-cryptoexchangers.

The suspected of the acts classified under the part 3 of Art. 190 of the Criminal Code of the Ukraine (fraud) are several residents of the city of Dnepr at the age of 20 to 26 years.

The police conducted the searches at the place of residence of the suspects and during them the computer equipment, mobile phones, bank cards and flash drives used by the swindlers were seized. The seized equipment was sent for examination.

Now three members of the criminal group are accused of committing six episodes of fraudulent activity.

«The criminal group consists of four people. The attackers possessing special knowledge and skills in the field of programming created their own CMS-system for managing the content of exchanger-websites. The created web-resources mimicked the legal activity of web-exchangers with a multidirectional conversion of cryptocurrencies and received fictitious positive rating reviews», − the police said.

The victims who had wanted to buy cryptocurrency transferred money to the e-wallets controlled by the attackers that were registered on forged documents of foreign citizens. After receiving the money the swindlers closed the exchanger and then opened a new one.

The list of the created by the criminal group websites includes,,,,, But the cyberpolice points out that this list is not exhaustive.

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