St. Petersburg International Economic Forum: vibes of a big event in a big city and bulletpoints of blockchain discussion

May 31

Tokenbox founder Vladimir Smerkis shares his impressions with one of the largest economic events in St. Petersburg.

The St. Petersburg Economic Forum, as usual, hit the jackpot in terms of the number of participants, the prices of tickets, transportation and accommodation and ... the amount of discussion time devoted to the new digital economy in general and blockchain technologies in particular.

The amount of 300 thousand rubles for participation did not put off the guests of the forum, who comprised 17 thousand people from more than 140 countries! The largest foreign delegation, strangely enough, was from America: about five hundred guests flew from across the ocean. It's no wonder that St Petersburg decided to "hype" and raise prices of tickets, hotels, rent apartments and beds tenfold.

It seemed that the whole world, the whole society, crème de la crème, all the business  population of Moscow and Russia gathered here in St Petersburg this May weekend.

The most popular phrase even in my environment in Moscow is: “I'll see you at the forum!” Therefore, unplanned but nevertheless no less pleasant meetings with colleagues and partners begin as early as the choc-a-bloc full Sapsan.  

What did the best business and technological minds decide, having discussed the fate of blockchain in Russia and in the world? Nearly two complete sections of the forum were devoted to the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The stir in the panel discussion was expected even despite the relatively early Saturday morning.

So, at the request of the moderator to bring real examples of the use of blockchain without reference to the cryptocurrencies, the participants recalled the project of the Maersk transport company which involved tracking containers using blockchain. There was also a large-scale Russian project, which involved a transfer to blockchain of the distributed register of municipal records.

According to Shannon Powlin of Intel, operations with real estate and financial services are the most interesting and promising areas for a full or partial transition to blockchain. This is what are we talking about, Shannon!

However, as noted by the constant participant of crypto conferences Vladislav Martynov of the Ethereum Foundation, it is legislative initiatives that should give impetus to the development of ICO and expand the functionality of blockchain platforms.

Perhaps the most interesting was the statement of Olga Skorobogatova, First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. She pointed out the prematureness of recognizing cryptocurrency as a means of payment, and the fact that it is too early to merge the technology with the already working processes.

Digital money, she noted, makes sense when used by several countries as payment instruments in foreign trade operations. And this initiative is already being actively discussed within the framework of the The Eurasian Economic Union. Thus soon will we be able to see the birth of a new digital monetary system?

By the way, according to Sergei Zhigarev, head of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency can solve the short-term problem of sanctions and perhaps even escape from the dollar.

The organization of jurisdiction which would be loyal to cryptocurrencies and blockchain was also actively discussed during the session.

As Martynov has correctly noted: the new generation of modern developers is very mobile and fluid; if something does not suit them in terms of risks or regulation, they quickly decide to move to a more liberal jurisdiction.

In general, I agree with Yuri Pripachkin, the head of the Russian Association of Crypto and Blockchain: "Three days of the forum convinced me that most forum participants do not understand the essence of the transition to the digital economy. Within the concept of digital economy, two concepts were mixed: the digitalization of the analog economy (where there are civil-legal conditions that have been previously described) and the creation of a new entity, which is the digital economy.

The meaning of blockchain in the new digital economy is for new entities and assets to appear in which money and contracts merge into one. What is blockchain? As the President of the Russian Federation said yesterday, the main problem in the world is trust, so trust=blockchain, a technology that defines the world of the future. The digital world defines a digital user profile. And our task is to link the user's digital profile with economic processes, the basis of which will be smart contracts. "

After a busy event, the forum participants were faced with an equally intense evening event. Dozens of the most popular Russian musicians, rockers, rappers, VIP guests, a crazy party till five in the morning from Mikhail Prokhorov, a strange rumor about Rihanna's arrival to one of the closed parties…

All this, I hope, will not cause memory lapses regarding important conclusions of the meetings on the subject of blockchain. Also, hopefully, agreements with legislators on the implementation of a new digital economy and a convenient format for collaboration with mean that blockchain technologies will soon be implemented.

Vladimir Smerkis

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Vladimir Smerkis
last year
Спасибо за публикацию любимому!
Dmitri Matsouk
Vladimir Smerkis
last year
Всегда рады опубликовать Ваш взгляд на события международного масштаба!
Инна Курилова
last year
Классно! Билетик конечно очень дорогой, но организация прошла на высшем уровне. Надеюсь Питер станет столицей криптовалюты!
Andrey Cherenkov
last year
Необходимо побольше проводить таких форумов, где собираются специалисты в этой сфере. А к цифровой экономике скоро придут все страны мира, но так, как сейчас нет расчетов с другими странами, то пока рано ее внедрять.


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