April 5

Kaspersky Lab specialists found applications for hidden mining in Google Play

April 5

Anyone can install the hidden miner by running an inoffensive-looking application from the official Google Play store.

Usually such applications are distributed through forums and unofficial stores. Most often they are intended for the hidden mining of Monero. But Kaspersky Lab also found malware on Google Play. It is significant that most of them were connected with football.

«It is a whole family of similar applications that contain PlacarTV in the name», − warned in Kaspersky Lab.

«Imagine that you decided to watch the broadcast of the match of your favorite team. You download a football application, enjoy the game and at the same time the hidden miner built-in it extracts a digital currency for its owners. It is rather difficult to notice it. Firstly you simply do not pay attention to it during the match and secondly the video also heats up the phone and discharges the battery just like the miner», − the company explains.

The hidden miner also was found in the application to create a VPN connections It monitors the temperature and charge level of the phone and can suspend the mining in time without letting the device overheat or discharge.

The experts have already warned Google about the unpleasant findings. All PlacarTV applications have been removed but by Ukrainian developers can still be found on Google Play.

Google introduced a ban on the placement of new mining extensions in the Chrome Web Store a few days ago. It intends to remove all applications for cryptocurrency mining previously loaded.

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