March 13

Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee and VNX Exchange to Host Litecoin Meetup at Asia

March 13

More than 200 attendees to gather in Hong Kong for a glimpse of Litecoin’s future and how digital assets will reshape the financial landscape.

Litecoin Creator, Charlie Lee, is set to co-host Asia’s inaugural Litecoin meetup with Alexander Tkachenko, Founder and CEO of VNX Exchange, a new digital asset marketplace, on March 14, in the city of Hong Kong. The meetup, expected to welcome over 200 community members and enthusiasts from around the globe, will explore topics from mass adoption to democratizing financial markets. This event also includes an allstar panel discussion including Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin; Alexander Tkachenko, CEO and Founder of VNX Exchange; William Peets, Chief Investment Officer of Passport Digital Holdings; Cristian Gil, Co-founder of GSR; and Chris Lee, CFO of Huobi Group.

Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin, said: 

"Given the tremendous support that we have received from Asia, we are looking forward to hosting an engaging community gathering to thank our supporters and give attendees a firsthand view into Litecoin’s future plans. Our goal of becoming the preeminent payments coin would not be possible without the strong community support that we continue to receive. That is why meetups like these are crucial as we continue to develop new ways of community engagement, such as the launch of our global volunteer network that we are announcing".

Alexander Tkachenko, CEO and Founder of VNX Exchange, said:

“Hosting alongside one of the leading projects in the ecosystem is something we are very much looking forward to. Not only will attendees have the chance to listen to an insightful panel discussing an array of topics from the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to democratizing financial markets but there will also be an opportunity to hear industry developments first hand from one of the true pioneers in the crypto payments industry”.

Charlie Lee will also be the keynote speaker at this year’s TOKEN2049, the premier crypto conference in Asia where he will host an intimate fireside chat. During this discussion, Charlie will share insights about the past, present, and future of Litecoin, one of the world's top cryptocurrencies, as well as his take on the state of the overall ecosystem. Also at TOKEN2049, Alexander Tkachenko will be sharing his insights on how security tokens can unlock significant pools of capital from illiquid assets including the progress VNX Exchange has made in tokenizing venture capital portfolios.

The Litecoin meetup is free to attend and will take place at 5.30 PM on 14 March 2019 at TOKEN2049 in the Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong. For more information and to register please visit.

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