April 11

The first CSHP CLUB connecting art and technology - 17 april in PRAIA, Dubai!

April 11

A Crypto flight will bring guests to a conference at the PRAJA club, where politicians and industry experts will speak.

The first international CSHP CLUB will be held in Dubai on April, 17!

CSHP is an intellectual networking, which collaborates active, creative, extraordinary, influential and talented people who create technology, business and art.

In the official part of the evening the guests will be greeted by UAE officials


  • Reuben Godfrey (Ireland), (ranked #3 on People of Blockchain): «Trends in the crypto exchange, features of centralized and decentralized solutions».
  • Ildar Haripov, the founder of Finforge Capital management, member of Expert Council on the Legislative Regulation of Financial Technologies under the Committee on Financial Markets in the State Duma of Russian Federation: «Investments in ICO projects: selection methodology, investment strategy, market trends».
  • Maxim Pervunin, managing partner of TFH-RUSSIA.

The symbol of CSHP is the red shark. There is a series of paintings, consisting of 8 artworks, which were written in 2017 by the artist Anastasia Kopytzeva, a member of the top 50 best investment authors in Russia.

CryptoShark #7 will be presented at PRAIA on April, 17.

Our guests can get acquainted with the virtual CSHP GALLERY presented by the project VIARIUM.


  • TERMINAL.GLOBAL, information and analytical platform for crypto assets and blockchain;
  • TOKENBOX, created by The Token Fund team, is a unique ecosystem that combines investors and cryptocurrency funds under the control of professional portfolio managers;
  • Decentralized platform Legerium

Among invited participants are the heads of investment companies, family office, UAE government representatives, investors from Algeria, Oman, India and America! To join to participants registed!

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