April 19

The suspect in the theft of mining equipment escaped from prison and flew from Iceland to Sweden

April 19

Sindri Thor Stefansson went to Sweden on the same flight as Iceland's Prime Minister Catherine Jacobsdottir.

Sindri Thor Stefansson and his ten accomplices are suspected of stealing about 600 devices for mining worth about $ 2 million. The criminals were detained by the police at the beginning of the year.

Ten days ago Sindri Thor Stefansson was transferred to Sogn prison in southern Iceland that is locates about 95 kilometers from the airport. This prison is characterized by very mild conditions. For example the prisoners have free access to the Internet and are very poorly guarded.

It was very easy for Sindri Thor Stefansson to escape. At night he got out of the cell through the window and the guards noticed his absence only when he had already boarded the plane to Stockholm as The Associated Press reports.

The police assume that the escape was planned in advance and somebody helped Sindri Stefansson to get to the airport.

«He had an accomplice and we are sure of it», − the head of the local police Gunnar Schram said. Probably he flew out of the country using a fake passport.

One of the passengers of the same flight told the local RUV TV channel that he did not notice anything unusual in the flight except for the fact the Prime Minister of Iceland Catherine Jakobsdottir was in the plane.

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