Terminal.Global provides algorithm of analysis of blockchain market

April 11

The platform promises to be a convenient tool to help the trader.

Terminal.Global positions itself as a content aggregator and provider of analytical information on the crypto active market. The task of the platform is to provide full analytics in the real time so market participants can make fast and informed decisions using a set of graphs and information tools developed within the company.

One of the distinguishing features of the project is the data analysis algorithm, because of the fact that the crypto active market differs from the financial markets.

Anton Agoshkov, the founder of the platform, thinks:

«In the blockchain world information is free and transparent. With the daily increase of the information volume there must be a tool that provides a system analysis of the market. And this solution is offered by TERMINAL.GLOBAL».

For instance, let's remember August 2017, when the market experienced a raise connected directly to the fork of bitcoin and separation the chain into bitcoin and bitcoin cach, as well as November 2017, when a fairly large part of the mining capacity was switched from BTC production to BCH production.

Such events lead to an active market reaction through the mass media and social networks, and this reflects in the trading and affects the decisions made by inexperienced traders who often have negative consequences! The collection of information on the distribution of capacity, future forks and other events of the crypto world are the time-consuming process, not all of us are ready to spend a lot of time to search information.

Information and analytical platform TERMINAL.GLOBAL will present 5 basic screens at the time of its launch:

  1. News Aggregator
  2. Global Cross-Coin Arbitrage Viewer
  3. Single Pair Spread Screen
  4. Trade Screen (Demo mode) (Single Interface on 40+ crypto-exchanges)
  5. Market Pulse

Services unite a single Web interface through which the user can study data and trade directly on 40 exchanges, get access to more than five hundred coins and tokens, a thousand trading pairs. Moreover, the user can analyze the data of leading media. Rating of these media is compiled on the basis of analysis of internet-traffic. This information provided by our partner SimilarWeb.

After release on April 17, the project plans to continue further development. There are plans to form a multilingual universal global tool to meet the needs of the growing audience of the digital assets market by 2020, including additional functions such as ICO ratings aggregation, intellectual analysis sections, screenshots of the market, crypto index tracking, universal blockchain explorer, using which you can find information about all transactions and any other operations in the blockchain, event calendars and much more.

Thus, Terminal.Global aims to become for crypto market what Bloomberg has become for traditional financial markets.

Web site: Terminal.global

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