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April 4

Olga Buzova prepares to issue her own cryptocurrency

April 4

The TV-star says that she intends to create her own empire.

Russian show-woman and singer Olga Buzova announced the issue of her own cryptocurrency Buzcoin that would become a unit of account on Buzar blockchain platform.

«Buzar platform is a complex ecosystem that includes both functions of trading platform and communication service. Buzcoin will be connected with all aspects of the functionality of the Buzar platform. It will allow users both to spend tokens on goods or services and to provide services or sell their own goods through the ad system», − the official website of the project says.

The users of Buzar also will be able to make audio and video calls, exchange text messages and files, order a taxi and food, look for work or accommodation, buy tickets for concerts and play online games. The developers are confident that their platform will become «an effective tool for creating and developing absolutely any business».

According to the road map of the project, the beginning of the pre-sale of tokens is planned for April 18, 2018 and a full ICO will be launched in June. The developers will present the first version of the Buzar platform not earlier than the first quarter of 2019.

«I want to remind you that we live in the era of Olga Buzova, the era of great changes», − Buzova said at a press conference in Ritz. She also added that she is going «to create an empire».

Most Russians reacted to Buzova's initiative with a fair amount of irony and skepticism. It is due primarily to the scandalous reputation of the star famous for her participation in the vulgar reality show «Dom-2». For many people Buzova is a symbol of glamor in his worst interpretation and her public image only confirms such attitude to any serious initiative of the singer.

The adviser of the President of Russia on Internet development Herman Klimenko commented on the intention of Buzova to launch his own blockchain project.

«Olga Buzova said that she will issue Buzcoin cryptocurrency. Take care of yourself and your loved ones», − Klimenko wrote in his Telegram channel.

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