«Machine conseptualism» — new art of new time

January 6

Experiments with art and technology have long taken root in the Moscow crypto community CSHP CLUB and found a great positive response!

At the end of 2018, the robot Gaka-Chu presented the picture «Cryptographer», painted in oil on canvas using Microsoft cognitive functions and a data source in the form of users posting on Twitter via the hashtag #Satoshi.

«Cryptographer» symbolizes a new time of social relations, where the artificial intelligence creates together with a human! The picture created by the machine shows, on the one hand, the imperfections of the new system, and on the other hand, the possibilities due the new economic ties and social relations will develop!

A robot called Gaka-Chu, participant of the art project 19W, along with other artists, presented a painting called «Cryptograph» (oil on canvas). 

Following the footsteps of art theorist Boris Groys, who in the 70-s spearheaded the «Moscow romantic conceptualism» movement, we defined the robot’s style as «machine conceptualism». Conceptualism is a type of modern art, where concepts or ideas in the artist’s conscience take the shape of visual objects. The oil on canvas painting is 30×30 in size. The author’s conscience in this case is Gaka-chu’s artificial intelligence, when the robot artist analyzes Twitter hashtags and generates an «idea» that is then transferred onto the canvas. Each work is unique. Information about the creation of the work is stored on blockchain. Gaka-Chu chose Japanese hieroglyphs for his painting «Cryptograph».

Those who know Japanese may notice minor mistakes in the writing. Sergey Lonshakov, creator of the Robonomica project, goes on to explain that these imperfections are characteristic of the robot, due to the fact that straight lines are hard to accomplish for the machine because it was designed to create elliptic lines.

The uniqueness and rarity of «Cryptograph» is that it is Gaka-chu’s first oil on canvas painting with a blockchain footprint. CSHP CLUB 19W founder Olga Dvoretskaya is proud to own this painting and thinks it may be worth several million dollars in 20-30 years, due to the author’s unique style and new direction.

The robot Gaka-Chu will continue to work in this direction and its work «Cryptograph» will become the first work for «Machine conceptualism», a new form of art where the artist is a machine and the idea is generated by artificial intelligence!





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