Managing assets in decentralisation era: Azbit platform creating multi-functional ecosystem for investors and traders

July 20

Profitability of many cryptocurrencies over 2017 attracted to the cryptocurrency market a great number of retail investors without any previous experience in the sphere of investment or trading.

According to analysis of cryptoinvestors between March 2017 and February 2018, carried out by the broker company eToro, 81.96% of cryptoinvestors are novices in investment business, 10.66% have some basic experience and only 7.38% can be considered experienced people.

The qualitative leap of 2017 was followed by a long correction period: according to Financial Times, the performance of cryptocurrency hedge funds dropped by 35 per cent since the beginning of 2018, and many funds were closed.

Despite the drop of the market, the possibility to earn money on the cryptocurrency market stays quite high, but requires experience, understanding of market mechanisms, and time to study projects. The access to the services of fiduciaries is difficult for the retail investors, especially those whose investment in cryptoassets is insignificant: the segment lacks transparency, mutual confidence of parties and the risk of fraud is very high. The mission of the Azbit project is to propose a solution both for investors and for experienced traders looking for more trade partners.

Azbit is a multifunctional cryptocurrency banking and investment platform whose structure includes a bank, a payment system, two crypto exchanges, wallets for various cryptocurrencies, financial instruments such as social copy trading, portfolio management and algorithm trade. As a matter of fact, it is a large financial ecosystem open not only for blockchain projects needing classical banking services, but also for professional asset-managing traders and ordinary retail investors who look for a good strategy to invest in cryptocurrency assets.

The Azbit cryptobank meets the latest requirements of European regulation and has the right to provide payment and cash services necessary to many blockchain projects. The project already has an SPI finance licence from the Czech regulator and plans to obtain a banking licence, also in a European country.

In the IV quarter of 2018, Azbit plans to hold a Pre-ICO and an ICO, distributing 2.15 billion AZ utility tokens, to be used later for the functioning of the platform, and 4.3 billion AZS security tokens, entitling their holders to get dividends from the project. The basic price of AZS tokens will amount to $0.02, not including reductions available for early investors, and AZ tokens will be distributed by airdrop among the AZS holders.

In the 1st half of 2019, two cryptocurrency exchanges are planned to be launched, Azbit Global and Azbit Pro, to be the nucleus of the ecosystem. They will be distinguished by the tokens to be listed, utility in the former case, security in the latter. The Azbit Pro exchange for security tokens will be registered in the jurisdiction of one of the European countries, will meet the demands of the regulator and allow trade in fiat currency. It will also offer such popular trading services as marginal and algorithmic trade. Algorithmic trade will also be available on the second exchange, Azbit Global, situated in one of the Latin American jurisdictions, whose listing will include utility tokens.

The Azbit ecosystem pays a special attention to the algorithmic trading. Traders and IT specialist will be able to create trading bots of any complexity, using the built-in script programming language, trade with their help and even raise money by selling trade robots: to make it possible, the ecosystem will also host an algorithmic market, an online marketplace with algorithmic robots.

Several financial instruments should be specifically noted, popular in the traditional investment world but less common and available to the retail investors on the cryptomarket. This is, for instance, RAMM (Risk Allocation Management Module) – a service that allows to copy the transactions of leading traders. This is how it looks in practice: the investor sees the statistics of traders with the description of their portfolios and strategies, choses the trader whose trade seems the most successful, and automatically commands its account to copy the actions of the chosen trader.

It is hard to underestimate the advantages of such a scheme. First of all, the funds, instead of being transferred to the fiduciary management, stay under the full control of the user. Taking into account the abundance of frauds and unreliable fiduciaries in the cryptospace, it minimises the risks of losing one’s investments because of theft or wrong investment decisions of the assets manager. Secondly, the investor can always refuse to copy someone else’s strategy – literally in several ‘clicks’. For instance, becoming aware of losses that exceed the limit acceptable for the investor, he can toggle off the copying regime, saving the rest of the cryptoassets.

The Azbit project is created by a team of experienced specialists in such areas as Forex market, algorithmical trading and cryptoindustry. Its cofounders are Sergei and Mikhail Yermolitsky (they had previously established the Bitsane cryptocurrency exchange), Azam Khodzhayev, co-proprietor of the Karusel car sharing company and Maksim Zmitrovich, commercial director of the British trading company Veles.

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