April 4

The Bitmain Company announced the beginning of the sales of the Antminer E3 intended for the Ethereum mining

April 4

The expected date of the delivery from the first batch is July 16 − July 31, 2018.

The Chinese manufacturer has finally put an end to a lot of rumors about the ASIC-miner that allows mining Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies using the Ethash algorithm of hashing.

The manufacturer's website says that Bitmain Antminer E3 has a hashrate of 180 MH/s with a power consumption of 800 W and will cost $ 800.

But now, as already reported, the blockchain community actively discusses the perspectives of the Ethereum hardfork that will make it impossible to use ASIC-miners. If it happens Bitmain Antminer E3 will be a waste of money.

Monero developers are also fighting against ASIC-miners. According to the official statement, the update is planned in connection with the potential threat from the manufacturers of ASIC-devices.

Yakovlev Denis
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