June 20

Google has shown the capabilities of augmented reality on the Internet browser

June 20

The software has reproduced the ancient sculpture with proportions corresponding to the surrounding objects.

Google has shown how the Internet browser will support the ARCore augmented reality. It is reported by Engadget with the reference to the official channel of the company's developers.

The room is imprinted in the frame and with the help of augmented reality the ancient Chacmool monument appears in it. The camera first chose the place and then reproduced a fragment of the augmented reality in accordance with the size of the surrounding objects.

For such a playback you need a smartphone with the latest version of Android Oreo and the support of ARCore. This possibility will be exclusively with Google Chrome.

ARCore is the Google's Augmented Reality platform. The final version of ARCore 1.0 was introduced in late February 2018.

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