EOS took the first place in the Chinese rating of cryptocurrencies

June 21

Bitcoin that held the 13th position in May has dropped to the seventeenth.

Last month the China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) published the first rating of the cryptocurrencies that had been topped by ether. Despite the setbacks and controversial decisions that have been accompanying the EOS project for almost three weeks, the altcoin took the first place in the overall rating of June and received the top marks in the categories of «technology»and «innovation». Ethereum got the second place in the overall ranking.

The top five cryptocurrencies according to the version of China Electronic Information Industry Development looks like this: EOS, Ethereum, NEO, Stellar and Lisk.

In the category of «technology» the estimates are distributed in the following way: EOS, Steem, Ethereum, BitShares and Stellar. Top-5 in the Chinese nomination «application» − NEO, Ethereum, Qtum, Stellar and Nebulas and finally EOS, Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum and Litecoin are recognized as the most innovative cryptocurrencies.

The China Electronic Information Industry Development works under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Informatization of China.

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