Brian Kelly: it is early to bury bitcoin

June 26

​​​​​​​Reaffirming his position, he cited three arguments and pointed out that the current price of bitcoin still exceeded the price that had been a year ago.

The host of the program «Fast Money» on the CNBC TV-channel Melissa Lee said that there was no sense to elucidate bitcoin anymore. Before the speech of the general director of BKCM LLC investment company Brian Kelly she began to pronounce the grave speech devoted to bitcoin remembering the guests of the program from the cryptocurrency sphere and memorable moments. The comic speech was interrupted by Brian Kelly who stated that it was not a funeral.

He cited three arguments to confirm his words,. First, he pointed out that the market, according to its participants, was approaching the bottom and it means that a trend change may soon follow.

Secondly, Kelly mentioned the news from Japan where the local regulator sent orders to six cryptoexchanges to improve the business. He noted that, although in the short term this news had had a negative impact in fact it was the positive news pointing to the recovery of the cryptomarket.

As the third point, Kelly pointed out the news of the payment of compensation to the victims of hacking Mt. Gox cryptoexchange and its rehabilitation. At the same time he noted that the fact that payments would begin no earlier than 2019 was also the good news.

Finally he noted the fact that the price of bitcoin was now at the level of November and just a year ago the price had been at a much lower mark of $2 500.

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