November 29

Tokenbox ICO Project Analysis: Kambria

November 29

A platform that unites developments in the field of robotics and AI, launches its ICO. What are the prospects for Kambria?

Kambria (USA)

Kambria is a decentralized platform designed to enable exchanging developments in the field of robotics and AI. The project will allow developing many areas in the ecosystem, including biotechnological, space and autonomous vehicles. Kambria plans to start with AI and Robotics with the support of OhmniLabs.

All members of the Ohmnilabs team are involved in Kambria. OhmniLabs has an income of $2 million per year and competes with companies such as Double Robotics ($3.7 million per year), Anybots ($13.4 million per year), and Jibo ($ 6.7 million per year).

Kambria will use a very interesting copyright protection system. As soon as a violation is discovered, a “case ’is created through a smart contract that accepts a donation for legal work and counts the jury votes. Further, off-chain channels are created where evidence is collected and discussed.

Kambria has three main elements:

  1. KDNA code library and Kambria development language. The language contains numerous modules that can be used to create specific robots or robot components. Moreover, KDNA is suitable for both hardware and software, allowing software or hardware developers to interact with each other in the same language to develop technologies.
  2. Production Alliance. After creating the robot, developers have to face problems with testing or prototyping. Considering that most components or assembly plants in the past did not want to take on tiny orders, Kambria, based on OhmniLabs experience, integrates supply chain resources to make it possible to place tiny orders (at least 10) for components. Taking into account the investment <size?>, suppliers can either share the benefits based on sales or become investors of robotic corporations when mass production of these robots is achieved in the future.
  3. The Marketplace. Developers can submit their codes or projects using Codebase Kambria, a KDNA platform that is similar to a technology pool. It connects hardware, firmware, software, electrical and mechanical components of a robot. Since all modules are connected to an Ethereum smart contract, developers will be rewarded with KAT tokens whenever codes or projects are used. Remuneration increases with the number of users. Companies can also reward talents or solutions with KAT tokens. In addition, there are plans to launch an application store for robots, where developers or companies can sell new applications or features.

Interaction on the platform is facilitated using the Kambria token (KAT), as well as the Maker Credit and Kambria blocks. KAT is a platform token, ERC20. Its main functions are to provide access to the Kambria platform, encourage participation and harmonize incentives for all stakeholders within the ecosystem.

Maker Credit is not an ERC20 token. Rather, it is a reward or “money back”. The purpose of the Maker Credit is to stimulate transactions and expenses within the ecosystem. Karma is not an ERC20 token. Rather, it is a token that is not transferable and cannot be purchased with capital. Instead, it is mainly intended to reward community members and motivate developers. The owners of this token have the right to use the bonus on the platform of Kambria.

Tokenometrics of the project:

Hard cap – $ 19,000,000.

Total supply – 5,000,000,000 KAT.

Token price – 0.020 USD.

Allocated for sale – 50%.

KYC / Whitelist – November 18-30.

The date of the ICO is December 1-5, 2018.

The Kambria team consists of technical experts from Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon, Google and experienced entrepreneurs who in the past created and sold companies.

Dr. Thuc Vu is the co-founder of Ohmnilabs and Associate Professor and Researcher at the John von Neumann Institute. He graduated from Stanford with a degree in Computer Science. He has 3 years as an engineer at Google and several other companies.

Jared Go is another co-founder of Ohmnilabs. He worked as a software engineer at Microsoft for 4 months and he is the current CTO of Hobnob.

Tingxi Tan is another co-founder of the project and co-founder of Ohmnilabs. He is a member of StartX, which is a community of entrepreneurs, experts, professors at Stanford University and representatives of well-funded startups.

Project advisors:

Simon Seojoon Kim – Advisor to TraceTo, ICON, MediBlock. Also, he is the CEO & Partner of Hashed.

Loi Luu is a technical advisor to TraceTo and the Republic Protocol. He is a co-founder of Kyber Network.

Roger Lim is the founding partner of NEO Global Capital (NGC). He is an experienced advisor to projects such as MultiVAC, Blockcloud, nOS, Merculet, Open Platform, Switcheo Network, 0chain, Tomochain, Bluzelle.

Strategic partners and investors of Kambria:

Hashed is the largest cryptocurrency fund with headquarters in South Korea and San Francisco. They also run the Hashed Lounge, the Hashed Post and the Hashed Night. You can find Terra, Handshake, Oasis

Labs, DFINITY, QuarkChain in their portfolio.

Alpha Blockchain is a consulting and investment company. He advises projects on developing successful marketing strategies, partnerships/mergers, public sales (crowdsales) and getting listed on global exchanges.

Directors of the company have successful experience with such projects as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger.

The summary of the project from Tokenbox analysts:

One of the advantages of Kambria is the recent good hyip, there is a working company, and the team has experience in the robotics market. Of the minuses – a weak Github repository, weak developer profiles and a not too wide informational trail regarding the team. In addition, the current HardCap of $19 million in the current environment looks substantial; the Tokenbox team does not recommend investing in this project.

The preliminary assessment of the project from Tokenbox is 6/10.

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