August 9

ICO projects analysis from Tokenbox: DeepCloudAI & InterValue

August 9

Today, our partners reviewed two ICO projects from China and Singapore. Who causes more confidence in the eyes of analysts?

DeepCloud AI (Singapore)

DeepCloudAI is an AI-driven decentralized cloud computing platform for running decentralized applications and Internet of things (Web 3.0 DApps and IoT). Applications  will  execute  in  a  secure  sandbox  on  the peer-to-peer  resources,  with  transactions  managed  on  the  blockchain  via  smart  contracts.

Modern market technologies and services are efficient when dealing with centralized data, but can’t process the AI-driven information successfully. Bitcoin and Ethereum networks also fail to provide an efficient, scalable, and available platform to satisfy current market needs.

DeepCloud team is seeking to turn existing time-tested cloud computing concepts into a prospective scalable system. This is achieved through three main components described in the project’s whitepaper:

  1. Network users. These are the  people  who  use  services  on  DeepCloud  AI’s platform  by  spending  DEEP  tokens,  they  are  the  main  target  audience.
  2. Network contributors (node). These are the  people  who  provide  resources  to  the  network  and  earn  DEEP tokens. Resource  Provider  is  required  to  stake  up  a  certain  number  of  DEEP  tokens  to  run  the  nodes  and  offer  the  services  to  the  users 
  3. Network requests (AI controller). Each node has  a  state  in  the  network.  The  controller  assigns  each  requests (network  users)  to  the  nodes.  Some  requests  may  have  more  complexity  to  run  over  the  network; controller  allocate  these  requests  to  run  on  sidechain,  or  master  nodes.  

It’s worth mentioning that before starting the project DeepCloud developers spent several years developing and testing operation services and platforms; then they turned to blockchain.

DeepCloud advantages:

  1. AI technology. AI and blockchain integration provides unique identification for each node.
  2. Economic model. Every node will have its own token. Users will be able to earn tokens by providing certain services via the platform.
  3. Security. Platform security system provides solution to blockchain security problems and much more.

Project’s token metrics

HardCap - $15mln. Total token supply - 200 mln (80 mln for sale). Token price: 1 DEEP=$0,25. Private sale is already on.

DeepCloud AI team consists of professionals experienced in blockchain, AI and cloud computing development. They are scientists, researchers, AI experts, engineers, and entrepreneurs that have been developing, introducing and promoting cloud computing technologies for over 10 years for such companies as Azure and IBM. The team includes Max Rye, Felix Castro Rodriguez, Benson Leung, Darryl Lo, Derin Karim.

DeepCloud AI team is developing an ambitious project aiming at democratizing blockchain-based cloud computing in the near future. DeepCloud will let many users and consumers to participate in creating the ecosystem to deploy data and launch dApps efficiently. With a small HardCap, the project has a good potential for short-term investments. But as for the long-term perspective, we recommend to keep an eye on the project as it has other strong competitors. Tokenbox project assessment is 7/10.  

InterValue (China)

InterValue is another high-performance blockchain 4.0 project. The platform is built  on DAG-based HashNet structure. InterValue HashNet is a two-level hashgraph network. At the early stage of the project, they implement DAG instead of hashgraph for testing.

With breakthrough innovations, InterValue can substantially enhance all aspects of blockchain infrastructure. Platform’s main technological novelties include:

  1. Underlying P2P network. P2P network. It combines the advantages of Tor-based anonymity and Blockchain-based distributed VPN. This enables to design a novel anonymous P2P overlay network.
  2. Data structure. A new data structure HashNet derived from DAG greatly reduces nodes’ requirements and improves efficiency and security of data storage.
  3. Consensus.  The platform will have an efficient and secure double-layer consensus mechanism consisting of HashNet and BA-VRF, which supports high transaction concurrency, fast confirmation and building eco-systems for different application scenarios.
  4. Anti-quantum attack. New antiquantum algorithm will replace existing SHA series algorithm with the Keccak-512 hash algorithm, and replaces ECDSA signature algorithm with an integer lattice-based NTRUsign signature algorithm.
  5. Transaction anonymity. Transaction anonymity and privacy protection are based on anonymity characteristics of cryptocurrency such as Monero and ZCash, zero-knowledge proof and ring signature.
  6. Multichain crosschain interaction. Bitcoin and Ethereum could be exchanged with no intermediaries and commissions

Project’s token metrics

HardCap - 45.000ETH. ($20-30 mln depending on the ETH rate). Total Supply - 9% was used in a private round, with 20 000 INVE = 1 ETH. 26% of all tokens remain in Foundation. At the moment, there is no information on the dates of main sale.

According to the Whitepaper, project founders and team members have vast experience in blockchain development, big data, marketing and business administration within big corporations like Alibaba, IBM, Tencent. Nevertheless, LinkedIn profiles of three project leaders provide only limited information on their experience. Other specialists don’t have LinkedIn profiles at all. Thus, it gets harder to verify the experience claimed by project founders.

The project has four venture funds as partners (that might also be its investors): Rootscap, Benrui Capital, Whales Capital, Obsidian Capital. There are also representatives from seven investment funds in the consultant committee, but no investment information is disclosed. Advisors are 11 experts specializing in AI, distributed network, investments, finance. They have work experience with Alibaba, Yahoo, IBM, and NASDAQ.   

InterValue is a typical representative of the recent identical blockchain 4.0 ICOs. But come to think of Seely with its 800% of profit after ICO, one can count on short-term investments. In general, due to a complex technology and lack of information about the team, Tokenbox wouldn’t recommend long-term investments in this project. Project assessment is 5.5/10.

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