July 26

Tokenbox’s analysis of ICO projects: Blackbox Foundation & Araw

July 26

Today, analysts from Tokenbox disassemble ICO projects from England and the USA. Whose rating will be more attractive for investment?

Blackbox Foundation (USA)

Blackbox Foundation is a next-generation decentralized business operating system that uses AI and blockchain. With the support of AI and a wide network of communities, the project aims to give people the opportunity to reach new heights in work and careers regardless of their origin, location, skill set or socioeconomic status.

The goals of the Blackbox Network project are:

  1. expanded optimization of labor and work processes;
  2. elimination of repetitive tasks and work processes;
  3. the interaction between organizations, communities, and users in the system.

Blackbox Foundation is a non-profit foundation on the basis of which platforms will be built. Blackbox AI, which will engage users, communities, and developers on the platform, will be engaged in operational activities.

It  introduces the PoV consensus protocol, a proof of value that establishes a more effective, meaningful, motivating and therefore a fair process that is applied at the conclusion of the work.

The evaluation of the user's work will be done through DVP, which is a way to accurately assess the final result, regardless of who performs this work. It takes into account the fair market rate for the required type of skills and skill level, excluding the cost of living (COLA) adjustment, the amount of work (effort) and the adjustment factor that allows adapting to such things as relevance and urgency.

Work on the Blackbox network will be possible using the following algorithm:

  • receive proposals submitted by the platform;
  • having completed the work, get approval on the basis of consensus (PoV) with the help of expert feedback;
  • complete the project and confirm the cost of the work using DVP assessment;
  • receive BBOS tokens distributed based on the estimated cost of the work performed.

Each participant receives up to 80% of his share of the income from the project. The rest goes to a fund that covers the total overhead costs for all members (operating activities, licensing, legal issues).

The project is headed by Jason Sosa, a venture investor engaged in building his own business and consulting, Ben Stewart, who is the co-founder and technical director of Blackbox AI, a blockchain “evangelist” with diverse web developer experience, and Bob Goodman, who built his own successful business in the field of medicine.

The team also includes Jay Schwartz, a scientist with more than 40 years of experience in Apple, IBM, Seagate and Sun (Oracle).

The Hard Cap of the Blackbox Foundation at the private sale is $ 10 million. 1 BBOS is $ 0.16. In total, 1 billion BBOS tokens will be issued. 37.5 million tokens will be sold for $ 3 million as part of the private sale with a 50% bonus; 58.3 million tokens will be sold from August 25 to August 3  with a 25% bonus for $ 7 million.  The main sale is scheduled for October 2018; the Hard Cap of the main sale is not known.

Summarizing: the Blackbox Foundation project has good prospects. If successful, such solutions will be in demand. The cornerstone of successful implementation is the strong team. However, incomplete information about the project's tokenomics and the late round of the main sale do not allow to recommend the project for investment at this stage.

Project evaluation is 6.5 / 10.

Araw (England)

ARAW is a new decentralized platform for making e-commerce payments using cryptocurrency. There will be solutions that make selling goods online possible and also a "Touch and Pay" card will be issued. This is an analog of a bank card that supports crypto-currencies. Also, there will be a unified system of rewards.

In the world of e-commerce, there are many innovations, but ARAW offers several convenient functions: one-button payments, the possibility of micropayments, transparency of transactions. Scammers will not be able to take possession of internal information that is located inside intellectual contracts.

Developers’ main goal is to introduce a unique mobile wallet. It will be integrated into a decentralized platform to give users the ability to quickly work with crypto-currency assets. The payments built with maximum efficiency in mind will allow users to significantly save time. Users of Araw token, who will regularly buy certain products using the resource's internal currency, will be able to count on good cashback. Such a system of incentives is aimed at attracting new customers.

Thanks to the seamless banking system integrated into the Araw platform, customers can purchase ARAW tokens using linked bank accounts. They will also be able to exchange ARAW tokens using a fiat currency and send cashback to linked accounts.

The Araw electronic market uses smart contracts for a fast and reliable exchange of goods with an ARAW marker, ensuring security and trust in the system. It creates a safe deposit for two transaction sides. Thanks to this method there is a money-back guarantee if the product proves to be of poor quality, and for the sellers, there is a guarantee that the fund for the product that they place on the market is reliably transferred to them.

Tokenometrics of the ARAW project

1 ARAW = $ 0.01. SoftCap is $ 5mln, the HardCap is $ 25mln.

Token distribution:

70% is allocated to sales to the community, 15% as a platform reserve, 9% to the platform team, 3% to advisers. The main sale has already begun and will last until August 30, 2018.

The decentralized platform Araw is a unique solution for e-commerce. The service is ideal for fast, secure payments. Any transactions are guaranteed by smart contracts, which minimize possible fraud.

This is an excellent and much-needed idea, there is a professional team, and high ratings from all independent platforms. However, due to the general decline of the crypto market, the fees are slow in coming, as with all ICO projects at the moment.

The evaluation of the ARAW project from Tokenbox analysts is 7.5 / 10.

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