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February 8

ICO project analysis from The Token Fund: Dock and Zenome

February 8

Наши партнеры подготовили новые обзоры интересных ICO проектов по обе стороны океана.

Dock (USA)

Dock.io seeks to create a data exchange that will integrate user profile (experience, education, location, contacts, skills, etc.) from various platforms and encourage data sharing, giving the user complete control over the data. User data are the core for all consumer-focused apps. Centralized platforms seek for and use data for their own programs, leaving control in the hands of several companies. The dock.io team believes that this value should belong to users and apps to create a more "connected" and decentralized Internet.

Users will be able to synchronize their work records and relevant personal data in one place. The information will be automatically updated on other platforms, while data sharing with other platforms will be controlled by the user due to opt-ins/outs technology: the data will be completely encrypted and stored using a blockchain system, which will be controlled through private keys. Data decryption will be possible only with a voluntary bilateral exchange.

The project concluded partnerships with Remote.com (where most of the team still works), FundRequest and SmartRecruiters. All these companies work in the recruiting space, directly linking specialists and employers with potential employees or providing an opportunity for different specialists to work together. The project also has a working alpha, where the number of users grows by 3,000 daily. Dock tokens will be used for settlements on the platform. They should be quickly accepted thanks to the Dock’s partnerships with Remote.com and other companies with a large user audience.

The project team is led by:

- Nick Macario, co-founder and CEO – 10+ years of experience in online marketing and apps. The last job is Head of Remote.com.

- Elina Cadouri, co-founder and COO – 8+ years of experience in research and marketing with experience in Outsource.com as a co-founder.

- Stenli Duka, CTO – 4+ years of experience in software development. The last job is CTO at Remote.com

Dock advisors: Lasse Clausen, who advised both FundRequest and Request Network, Christopher Heymann, CTO at Daily Ride, Lester Lim, founder of JV Connects and advisor to SelfKey, Ink Protocol.

The main sail will start on February 21, 2018, registration in Whitelist – on February 8, 2018. Hard Cap is $20,000,000. 1 Dock = $0.067.

The Token Fund analyst team recommends the project for investment in the medium term. The key advantages of the project are a properly functioning alpha version, a strong team with impressive experience and reliable partners, as well as the community's interest – almost 40,000 subscribers to the Telegram channel.

Zenome (Russia)

Zenome is a decentralized digital repository of DNA data. The date accumulated by the platform is analyzed and serves as a source of information for scientific foundations, academic labs, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. At the same time, each genome owner determines which information they want to disclose and who can access it, and gets paid for their data.

The utility token ZNA performs a functional role in the Zenome system. A user can use a token within the Zenome network to purchase genetic tests and reports, pay for genetic advisors, doctors and health managers. They can be used to pay for any service related to your genome.

Pharmaceutical companies, scientific community and research bureaus will be able to acquire personal genomic (genetic, medical, behavioral and other) data based on real people who are part of the network in exchange for ZNA tokens. Zenome seeks to enable people to monitor and even monetize their genomic information.

The following factors can be attributed to project risks:

- the gene market is a completely new field not only in the context of blockchain, but also in the real sector.

- there may be problems in the industry due to ethical considerations, when one group of researchers can personalize the data of any person for their own purposes.

- sending genomic data to the platform requires a personal visit to the Zenome lab. At the same time, leading companies in the segment take a DNA sample at home.

Now about the strengths:

-        Achievements in partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry.

-        Science-driven technology combined with accurate information about human genomics is the future of healthcare.

-        Strong project team is its undoubted advantage. The development of the platform involved specialists in the field of molecular biology, chemical medicine and DNA. Combined with blockchain professionals, it is a rare combination that can lead to exceptional results.

Pre-IСO launches on February 1, 2018. The target Hard Cap is USD 1,708,096 (ZNA 2,846,827). The price of the ZNA token at the Pre-ICO will be $0.6.

The Token Fund team of analysts concludes that the project is not suitable for short-term investment and profit. It is a complex product, coupled with a "raw" market for technology adoption. Zenome can be recommended for a long-term, strategic (as well as reputational) investment. It will bear fruit in 2019, when the market adopts the technology.

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