The team of consists of investors, journalists, internet marketing professionals, as well as developers, united by a single goal - to become a key player in the Russian segment of the blockchain market.
In August 2014, a company was created, a domain was registered, but for a long time the project was not started for various reasons. However, in the winter of 2016 the project got a new life, the editor-in-chief was hired, a contract was signed with Charmer design agency, a development strategy was written, the mission and the goal of the project were formulated: by providing useful content and unique services, to form a community, to search for and support young projects of blockchain / ICO subjects.
What can we do for the visitor of the site?
Our mission is to bring key market information to the new and professional audiences of the market, as well as to provide services that simplify the interaction of market players with the blockchain environment - whether you are an investor, a start-up, a cryptotrade, the creator of an information course.
What are we different from competitors?
We aim to deliver information, unique services that allow a newcomer to quickly and without loss understand the cryptology, and the professional - to systematize their activities.
How can your product attract your target audience?

Take a look at the road-map of our project

  • domain name acquiring
  • Project Concept creation
  • Team formation start
  • Contract with signing. Portal creation start
  •, domain name acquiring
  • Moving to a new office on Red October
  • The first successful investment in blockchain projects,
  •'s shareholding
  • Multicurrency wallet creation start. Blockchain system for cross-border transfers between the Russian Federation - Kazakhstan - Tajikistan development start
  • Creation of the shortlink service for blockchain community
  • Beta-version of presentation
  • Running
  • The success of the ICO (8.3m $)
  • The first contract for closed blockchain network development for Russian chemical industry enterprise
  • Launch the application
  • Legalization of the purse in Switzerland (GMBH bcwallet)
  • Introduction of group in Crypto Valley
  • BC wallet global marketing
  • Running the English version of
  • Launching the development of the international Russian crypto exchange
  • Expansion of the office in Moscow
  • A Round for the Stock Exchange - 20%
  • Exchange MVP presentation
  • Running
  • Running - investment fund in blockchain projects
  • Launch - technical company for the development and implementation of blockchain
  • Launching of the Russian Exchange
  • Running
  • International Marketing
  • Preparation for ICO
  • ICO private sale of 24% Group
  • ICO of the Russian Exchange
  • Investments in blockchain and Machine learning to 10 mln.


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